Authentication and Apostilles Online Course

Introduction to the Course

This course has been designed to provide learners with the necessary knowledge on the subject of apostilles and of authenticating documents in the United States. It has been structured to allow for a deeper understanding of what an apostille is, as well as what authentication is.

Students can expect to understand the history behind authentication and apostilles, their purpose, as well as the proper way to get apostilles or to get documents authenticated in the United States. The course content will general information about various topics but the specific information related to authentication and apostilles in the United States.

Course Structure

The course is divided into five modules. These modules explore the fundamental topics that relate to both apostilles and authentication. These modules are as follows.

  1. Authentication – An Introduction
    1. A brief history of Notaries
    2. Modern-day usage.
    3. Jurisdiction
    4. Limitations
    5. Assessment
  2. Authentication – Process
    1. Authentication Requirements
    2. What type of documents can be Authenticated?
    3. Assessment
  3. Apostilles – An Introduction
    1. A brief history of Apostilles
    2. What exactly is an Apostille?
    3. Who Can Produce an Apostille?
    4. Assessment
  4. Apostilles – Process
    1. Apostille Requirements
    2. What documents do you need for an Apostille or Authentication?
    3. Types of Documents that can get Apostilles
    4. Do All Countries Accept Apostilles?
    5. Assessment
  5. All about Notaries
    1. Who is a Notary Public?
    2. What are the Responsibilities of a Notary Public?
    3. What exactly do Notaries do?
    4. What is expected from a Notary?
    5. Assessment

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will have learned the following.

  • What authentication of documents means.
  • What a notary public and what they do.
  • Where can you get your documents notarized?
  • Which documents can be notarized.
  • What an apostille is.
  • How to obtain an apostille.
  • What are apostilles used for?


Each module will have a short assessment to assess the level to which you have understood the subject area. It will be a mixture of multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks questions.

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